October 2008

Holy crap! I am going to be a Dad!

Everyday that passes is 24 hours closer to the ultimate responsibility. One can't escape the common fears associated with parenthood. Am I going to be a good father? Will I teach my child the right lessons? Can I avoid the mistakes that I could argue my parents made. I am not without reason. I accept that only time can answer these questions. I just don't know how to avoid considering these things when every second that passes is one closer to a new form of responsibility.

Next thing you know I am sitting on the couch trying to escape these fears and right then and there a corny commercial emblazoned with a cliche image of a father and son immersed in some generic form of bonding. It is when I find myself confronted with these images, however staged, of tender moments so fleeting you couldn't capture them in a vacuum, that my mind wonders off and over flows with so many different moments that cannot wait to live. Suddenly I accept that I am just your average white bread sap. I, Peter Donner am transfixed with the idea of living the moments that are captured in every cliche corner of the American psyche.