January 2009

Last Night I Think I Felt The Baby Move!

Last night when we went to bed Kristin told me the baby (possible names coming soon) was moving all over. So we lay there with my hand pressed into her belly. Just as I started to think it couldn't be; I felt the slightest flutter of a kick (at least I think it was a kick). It just got me more excited to hold our little baby girl.

I'm 23 Weeks

I am now almost 23 weeks and I am feeling the baby more and more everyday. Her movements are getting stronger and stronger and I think that Pete will be able to feel her soon. I am still feeling good, so I can say that so far I have been very lucky to have a great pregnancy.

The office basement is underway and things went pretty well this weekend. The room is pretty much framed and I am now starting to be able to envision it becoming an actual room down there. Although it will be very different with Pete down in the basement a lot of the time, it will leave little room for distraction down there. Once it is completed and he makes the move to his new space, the transformation of the room will begin and it will soon be the home of this baby.

In the next couple of weeks we will tackle the overwhelming task of registering. There is just so much stuff I know that it is going to be difficult to decide what we need. So far we have agreed on the theme of the room so hopefully everything else will be just as smooth.

The Move To The Underground Has Begun

Yesterday Kristin and I spent what seemed like forty hours cleaning out the basement. A chore that starts paying of next Saturday when my parents come down to help get the construction started. I have quite the list of projects to get underway before next weekend. I would like to try and repair the staircase, determine the room's dimensions as well as do some quick design drawings. So this is going to be quite the busy week! I am truly getting excited!

The First Doctor's Appointment Of 2009

Today was the first doctor's appointment of 2009. It is hard to believe that I am already halfway through the pregnancy! In another 20 or so weeks, we will meet our little baby! I am still feeling good. The results of the ultrasound and the triple screener all came back perfectly. The doctor says that everything is going as it should be and the baby is a great size and weight. I am feeling her move around more and more although I still don't feel her everyday yet. Pete should be able to feel her moving around soon-I can't wait until he can!!

Somehow, Claribel has stuck as a nickname for her but we are still undecided on a permanent name (it will definitely not be Claribel). We have a few ideas so far, but we will see.