April 2009


This house has been superbusy since last week and it shows! Pete had a very productive weekend and got all the doors planed down as well as most of the furniture built. Not only is most of the furniture built but the dresser if FINALLY in!!! I want to thank my parents for buying us the crib and dresser and thank my Mom for dealing with the aggravation of the dresser (and me) for so long. Thank you also to Dad and Trish for getting the glider and travel system. After several months of waiting and waiting, it came in on Saturday and is perfect. The baby's room looks great and is pretty much just waiting for Ella. Just a few finishing touches and we will put a picture up so everyone can see how great it turned out.

My shower was absolutely wonderful and I just want to thank my mother, Trish and Martha again. Thank you also to my aunt for the fabulous cake. It was everything I hoped for and it was a beautiful day. Thank you to everyone that came and all the beautiful things that I got. Ella is already one spoiled little girl!

My next appointment is tomorrow and and Thursday I am officially considered full term. I'm hoping she comes a little bit early but not just yet. I think the doctor should tell me tomorrow if I am starting to dialate yet which I wasn't last week at all. I can't wait for the ultrasound on Friday so I can see her again!

LEGO Creation Nation 2008!

The Weekend Kristin Learned About Little Ella!

Posted by Pete
Creation Nation Utah

This was a scaled down version of the larger event LEGO held in Washington D.C. back in august 2008. We started with a large fifty-odd-foot outline of the United States of America. Kids of all ages then joined together to create small base plate mosaic's that weaved a patchwork quilt like interpretation of the United States.

As this was going down Kristin back in good old Springfield MA was learning of the upcoming addition to our family. Somehow she managed to keep a lid on her discovery for nearly two weeks. I still wonder how she managed to keep Ella under the radar for so long!

The Basement Is Starting To Take Shape!

UPDATED 04/25/09

Posted by Pete
Walls are going up

This weekend was great progress was made on the expansion into the underground. Thanks to the time, effort and know-how of my father. We worked long and hard to get the preliminary studding up for what will soon be my new office.

It's very exciting to think that I will soon have a new area dedicated area to creating! This move will be a single step towards ushering in our new bundle of joy. I can't wait to wrap this project up so we can switch focus our little girl's room!

I want to say thanks to my Dad for his help so far, it means a lot.

36 Weeks

I can't wait to see little Ella again!

Posted by Kristin

Only 4 more weeks to go! No more back pain but I now have been experiencing swelling which is quite uncomfortable some days. Others it isn't so bad, but it is so hard to just sit around with my feet up when there is so much to do.

I am now seeing the doctor on a weekly basis and she has ordered another ultrasound, which is scheduled for May 1st. Apparently I am measuring a little small and the heartbeat was a little slower yesterday than she thought it should be. After some serious worrying and a bit of panic, the nurses have told me that there is no need for concern and that if something were wrong, the doctor would have sent me to the hospital for observation. I could be measuring a little small due to the baby starting to drop. My next appointment is Wednesday so we will see what she says then. On a bright note, I can't wait to see little Ella again! Our last ultrasound was right before Christmas and since then she has grown quite a bit.

This weekend will be great-it is supposed to be summer like and my shower is on Sunday. I am very excited and I know that it will be a wonderful day.

The carpet is finally in!!! After many weeks of going back and forth with Home Depot, the carpet has been installed and it couldn't look better. The basement now officially looks like a real room and makes a great office. The upstairs is great and the baby's room is just waiting for furniture.

Time is flying by. Before you know it Kristin and I will be parents and life will change even more than it already has.

Six weeks and counting! Everyday the sound of six squirts of body spray returns my eyes to the open position, usually a little bit sleep deprived and occasionally in a state of defrost from the chilly blanketless night I barely survived. Then I see the cutest thing I ever set eyes on, the waddle of my very pregnant but always beautiful wife!

After shaking the cobwebs from my head and remembering that any discomfort that I might be experiencing need be multiplied by one hundred to even scratch the surface of her discomfort. Then I proceed with my day.

That's right I have nothing profound, witty or out of the ordinary to say in this post. I just wanted to take a moment and let my wife know just how much I love her. Bean...(she's going to kill me for letting that out) I love you and I am so excited for the next chapter in our lives to start. We have seen many great times as well as weathered many a storm together. I just wrote to say I love you and I can't wait till we can hold our baby (Meryl too) and start to write the next chapter.


Final Stretch

I am now 34 weeks and in the final stretch. Only six more weeks to go and we will officially be parents! Everything is getting harder and harder and I am tired all the time. I have so much to do but it takes me forever to do anything. I really can't complain too much because so far this has been a very easy pregnancy.

We have (finally) officially named our baby! After going back and forth for many many months and disagreeing on many names, we have finally decided on Ella Cynthia Donner. I am very happy that we can now refer to her as Ella rather than Claribel although the transition isn't easy.

My appointment yesterday went well. The baby is about 4 1/2-5 pounds right now and when the doctor started listening to her heart, she said that the baby is very happy where she is. All is well and everything is right where is should be at this point. At my next visit, she will check to see if the baby has started to move down and check her positioning. I have one more appointment and then I will start seeing the doctor every week.

The carpeting will hopefully be here in the next few days and I am really hoping to get it installed very soon. The dresser saga continues as it still has not been ordered due to the negligance of Babies R Us. I'm not sure if we will ever get it, but we are giving them one last chance-hopefully this last chance goes well and doesn't backfire.