May 2009

Meryl Meets Ella

Baby Meryl

For the last couple of months as we renovated the nursery and built Pete's office room, Meryl has been very leary as to what is going on.  Finally on Friday he met the reason that all of these changes have happened.  So far, he has been pretty good with her-he doesn't bother with her too much but he is very curious and he seems to be very concerned when she is crying and upset.  He has decided that he wanted to try out practically all of her things from her bouncer seat to her changing table.

Ella’s Had Her First Car Ride!

Which Meant that Dad had to Watch What he’s doing!

Posted by Kristin
Baby Ella in her carseat

This is a couple days behind but we wanted everyone to see pictures of Ella's ride home.  She wasn't very happy getting dressed for the first time but we managed to get her into something other than the hospital shirt and blanket that she has been used to for her life so far.  I will say that she looked very cute in her first outfit.  It was a pretty chilly day for being late May so we added this little hat curtosy of a basket of hats at the hospital.

The True Meaning of a Sleepless Night!

Two Four O’clock nights back to back… will she make it 3?

Posted by Pete

Ok maybe I am being a little mellow dramatic. Truth be told, she is pretty much a peach all day. So much so that Kristin and I have both managed to grab some recuperation z's during the day. Still it's hard to be rational or come to an honest logical conclusion three hours in to a crying fit minutes from sunrise.

Its truly mind boggling that something so small and so darn cute can produce such loud, consistent cries. She is amazing but she can be pretty dang demanding. We love you Ella!

Not Too Bad For a Bunch of Studs’!

The Boys at the Brick Show Their Feminine Side!

Posted by Pete
LEGO FLowers and Pacifier

I was shocked when I arrived home to find a beautiful bouquet of flower complete with a LEGO built pacifier. Thanks for the lovely gift. Both Kristin and I appreciate it.

We have picked out the perfect spot for it in her room!

Little Ella’s Second Day at Home.

We Survived Our First Night!

Posted by Pete
Papa and Baby Ella

The last nine months have been amazing. Kristin and I have experienced some of our highest highs and of course some of our lowest lows. I started this day exhausted with a mind full of thoughts about what the future holds. As I put her into her little Red Sox’s outfit I was just beaming.

The loudest of the thoughts that filled my head was just how perfect my little baby girl is. She is just right from her slightly yellowed complexion (which the Dr. assured us will fade to a pale vampire like complexion to match her parents) to her miniature hands and feet complete with perfectly shaped nails. This journey is sure to be bumpy, and we are going to make every mistake in the book but with our love and compassion she is going to be amazing.

We love you Little Ella Bean!

Finally Here

Mom and Ella

After a final weekend spent together, Pete and I finally welcomed our daughter into the world Monday night.  We had a great day on Saturday complete with a movie and a nice lunch. Sunday with the help of my mother, we put the finishing touches on the room and got the carseat installed in the car.  We were really ready for her now but there was still no signs of her when I went to bed on Sunday.  I was really hoping that I wouldn't have to spend the whole week at home just waiting for her because my last day of work was on Friday.

Early Monday morning, I woke up at 4:30 and thought that my water broke.  We both got excited and headed off to the hospital.  I was still only 2cm and after 2 hours of walking with no progress, we were sent home.  They told us we could be back later that night or we could not come back for a couple days.  At home, I tried to relax and sleep a little but the contractions were getting stronger and less bearable.  Finally around 4 we headed back to the hospital and I hoped that they told me I was at least 4 cm and making some progress.  I was already 10cm when we got there!  Unfortunately she still wasn't ready so after a few hours of hard labor at the hospital, the doctor said we would have to do a c section.  Shortly after, a beautiful 8 pd 15 oz and 21.5 in healthy baby girl was delivered!

Pete and my mother were with me through the whole thing and were nothing but supportive and helpful.  Thank you so much to both of you, I couldn't have done it without you.  Since this baby has been born, Pete has been very helpful and has waited on me hand and foot.  I love you very much and can't tell you how wonderful you have been.  He is so good with our little Ella and I can't wait for us to grow as a family.

Thank you so much Pete and Mom and all who have supported and helped us.

Finally, Some Photos of Baby Ella!

Our Little Bean

Kristin and myself have spent the last three days and nights at the hospital. So we haven't been able to access a computer to post any photos for the friends and family that cannot make it down to see her. Until now that is.

It was a pretty rough birth which I will spare you all the gory details just let me say after 16 hours of labor with many spent pushing, little Ella, like her father came into the world via a C-section.  Kristin is a trooper but needs to heal so we will be in the hospital for one more night. Once we get settled in we will be contacting everyone as well as posting many more pictures.

Thanks to everyone for your love and support.



40 Weeks and Still Waiting

My appointment today proved that Ella is just not ready to come out and meet the world. The stress test came back great, her heart looks and sounds great and so are her movements. You could see slight contractions on it but they were nowhere near strong enough for me to feel. I am still only 2cm so I still have a very long way to go. I have another appointment and stress test scheduled for next week so hopefully things will be further along then. Looks like she will not be revealing herself just yet. We will all have to wait just a bit longer before we can hold her in our arms. I will say that as much as I am ready to hold her and see her, I could definitely stand to watch and feel her dance around for a little longer in my belly where she has lived for the past 40 weeks. It is quite amazing to know that she is in there and to see her wiggling around each day.

We continue to be busy preparing for her arrival although my list is pretty much completed. Just a few small touches here and there which I hope to finish but I have not yet had my burst of energy and have been feeling quite exhausted over the last few days.

We will definitely keep everyone updated but it looks like things will remain the same for another few days. Hopefully our next post will be about her arrival and I can't wait to be able to post pictures of our perfect little angel for all to see.

At Last Photos of Little Ella's Bedroom

Little Ellas Room

It feels really good when you complete a project. Just like most projects Kristin and I concoct this one was a huge one from the start. We created a new room in the basement to accommodate the loss of an office and completely recreated the old room into this new girlie, baby friendly space. Everything from the first coat of primer to the last swing of my hammer has all paid off.

Thanks to everyone who helped Kristin and I make this all happen from our parents to my brother and friends who pitched in with their time and talents. We couldn't have done this without you guys! If we can ever paid it forward please just ask and we will do whatever we can to help.

Thanks again,

Pete, Kristin and Little Ella.

P.S. We will be adding some photos of the office once I get a little more settled in and manage to put some pictures up on the walls.


Updated 05/11/09

Posted by Kristin
Little Ella

At my appointment on Wednesday, my doctor reassured me that there was nothing to worry about and that she ordered the ultrasound because I was measuring a little small for my dates. There was nothing wrong with the heartbeat and it turned out that there was just an error in the computer and that is why the nurses said it was a little slow.

It was so amazing to see Ella again today now that she is almost ready to enter the world and she looks like a real baby. She was sleeping while the tech was looking at her but you could see her mouth moving and she was making a fist with one of her hands. I saw her whole face and the tech also pointed out the hair that she has.She took her measurements and said Ella is about 6 pounds 13 ozs and that her size is good for 37 weeks. Her fluid is good and her heartbeat is 150 which is also good.She also did confirm that the baby is definitely a girl so there shouldn't be any surprises there. The baby is definitely head down and her head is behind my pelvis which is what they like to see at this stage. The tech said that everything looks good to her and at my appointment on Wednesday the doctor will go over everything. Now I am considered full term and little Ella could come at any time! Seeing her again today made me even more excited to finally meet her! I can't wait until she is here!

The room is really taking shape and I have gone through all of the beautiful things I got at my shower.I can't wait to use everything and start dressing Ella in all of the adorable clothes that we have.

Very Soon!

My weekly appointment was yesterday which went well. Ella has grown since last week so it looks like the small measurement was most likely due to her positioning. The heart still sounds good and all my levels are still good. I am dilated between 1-2 cm and starting to thin out a little so I have quite a ways to go but at least things have started. She has still not yet fully dropped so hopefully that will change soon. She has been quite active over the last few days although I can't imagine that she really has too much room to be flipping around. I'm hoping she will come a little early because I seem to be getting more and more uncomfortable every single day.

All of the clothes are washed and mostly everything has been put away. I of course, always seem to find that one last thing that needs to be done and I imagine that will continue until she is here.