June 2009

1 Month Old

Woot, Woot, We Made It Through The First Month!

Posted by Kristin

Ella is already one month old and the time has really flown by.  This past week has been a week of firsts for her and I look at her and realize just how fast she is growing.  Before we know it, we will be celebrating her first birthday.

Last Sunday was Ella's first ever holiday, fathers day which we celebrated with Dad and then went to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner.  She was very good of course. 

She also smiled for the first time and I am trying and trying to get a picture of it-no luck yet but it will come.  She will sometimes mimick me if I smile at her first but she always stops before I can snap the shot.  We also attempted our first photo session this week which didn't go well at all but we are going to try again tomorrow.  Hopefully they will be able to get at least a couple of good pictures in before she gets mad. 

I would like to bring her every month so I am hoping that she cooperates.  And the biggest yet...last night she slept through the night for the first time!!!  I know that this will be far and few between but it was wonderful for us to be able to catch up on a little sleep.  I'm sure that it will be a while before she lets us do that again but that's ok, last night was great!!  She went to bed at 9:30 and never woke up until 5 am.

Ella's 1st Bath

Squeaky Clean!

Posted by Kristin
Ellas Bath

Ella's belly button has finally healed up and she was able to have her first bath on Sunday.  Thank you Grandma for helping us out with that.  She couldn't decide if she hated it or if it really wasn't that bad and she actually even seemed to not mind some of it.

I can't believe that she is already three weeks old.  Even though the time is flying by, it seems like she has been with us for much longer than three short weeks.  She is continuously growing and I think that she may have had the "growth spurt" that the doctor had told us would probably happen between two and three weeks of age.

Here are some pictures of her first bath as well as some updated everyday pictures of her.

Papa and His Baby Girl

Mr. Mom!

Posted by Pete
Papa and Baby Ella

Ella is doing just wonderful. She has some strong lungs and a healthy appetite. To say that this has been a trying time would be the understatement of the millennium. But in spite of the hills we have to climb each day the rewards far out weigh the struggle. One moment you wish she were 10 years and sleeping through the night. Next thing you know she seems like see has gotten 3 inches taller and 4 inches rounder and you find yourself trying to clutch on to the ephemeral nature of her rapidly changing infant physique.

The lessons learned being a dad are immeasurable, often and at times hard to swallow. Still, when I look into the face of my baby girl I cannot help but smile, well when she is not holding her breath bracing herself for another eardrum shattering yelp. No even then I smile if only a little.

Ella’s First Night in Her Crib

Her Best Night Yet!

Posted by Pete

We have bounced the idea around for two or three days and finally Kristin and I settled on moving Ella out of the ever-shrinking bassinet into her crib. She seemed to be a little to small for the bassinet and from time to time would wake herself up when she stretched out her hands and hit the walls of the bassinet.

As per the norm we quickly learned that like everything else this came with its own unique set of challenges. First of which was having Ella in another room. This created a palpable level of tension and nervous energy. Second was the speaker intercom system.  At times it sounded like a transformer. No joke, I thought Optimus Prime was in Ella's room coughing.

At the end of the day (or should I say night) everything turned out great. She slept in decent time chunks and didn't fuss too much (according to mom) when she awake. Fingers are crossed. Lets hope tonight turns out as good!

2 Week Update

Papa and Baby Ella

The last 2 weeks have flown by.  It is hard to believe that just over 2 weeks ago we were all trying to predict Ella's arrival date and now here she is, growing and changing every day.  Although some of the last two weeks have been more challenging than I ever would have imagined, it is already impossible to ever imagine life without her.  We are still learning more about her each day and I love sitting and cuddling her.

She had her two week check up today and all seems to be going well.  She is growing great and is up to 9.4 1/2 pounds.  She is in the top percentile for her size and the doctor seems pleased with her progress.  The new formula seems to be working out well although I think we have ruled out the cow milk allergy which is good news.  She goes back in a month and I suspect she will probably be well over 10 pounds by then.

Here are some new pictures, we will try to update more often.

Already 1 Week Old

Little Baby Ella Hardly A Week

I can't believe that Ella was born a week ago already.  She is already changing and we are learning more about her every single day.  The nights are getting better and last night she went right back to sleep after she got up to eat.  She is such a good baby and we love her more as each day begins.

Yesterday she had her first doctor appointment.  She slept the whole way there and was so good during my appointment.  My staples were removed and the doctor said that I am healing well.  Then we went over to her doctor-she is growing well and now weighs 8.15 1/2 so she is just over her birth weight.  Her head has grown 2 cm and she is about the same length as when she was born.  Everything sounded and looked good and she will go back next week for her 2 week checkup.