July 2009

Our little Ella

Ella Grinch

Ella continues to grow and make us smile every day.  Our 2 month pictures went great and we even got a smile for one of the shots!!  I can't wait to pick them up on Saturday.  She had her 2 month check up this week and everything looks good, she is growing very well.  Her length is now 23 3/4 in and she weighed in at 12 pounds 3.5 ozs!! 

She also continues to learn and like new things.  She has learned to "blow bubbles" and she is really coming close to lifting her chest and head up during tummy time.  She loves to kick and has become a master at kicking the ball on her playmat.  She is smiling and laughing all the time now, which we always look forward to. Only two more weeks left of maternity leave so I am enjoying every second I have with her now!

Baby Ella Makes a Poop Butt

What a Cutie!

Posted by Kristin

You know you’re a cute baby when making a poop butt is considered cute! Little ella had to work hard to make this happen and some day she is going to be angry that this video exists. We love you baby girl.

2 Months Old

2 Months Old

Ella celebrates her two month birthday this week!  She is a completely different baby from when she was born and it hardly seems possible.  She has already celebrated two holidays and I can't wait until Thanksgiving and Christmas, even though she won't really know what is going on.  She is developing quite the personality.  She is very stubborn and she fake cries whenever she doesn't get her way.  She is also very funny and is smiling and laughing all the time which we look forward to seeing every single day.  Her biggest milestone, she is sleeping through the night pretty consistently now which is very much welcomed!

New pictures posted at elladonner.shutterfly.com.  She looks so different!

5-Foot LEGO Buzz Lightyear Model

This Model Turned Out Great!

Posted by Pete
LEGO Buzz Light Year

It felt good to get my hands back on the bricks for this project. From its bright colorful pallet to its gravity defying physique I loved this build from start to finish. I would have to say this journey took me to infinity and beyond!

Our Little Angel


As the days contiue to melt away, our little Ella keeps getting bigger and bigger.  It is hard to believe that my leave is more than half over and soon our endless days together will be over.  I am hoping that these last five weeks will go by slowly but so far the time has flown by faster than I ever imagined.  Every day with her is more and more enjoyable and we have now gotten used to somewhat of a schedule although it is being refined almost daily.  We will get it eventually but then everything will probably change again.

She is still doing great and now that she is already seven weeks old, she is starting to develop her own personality.  I am learning her different tones of crying and what they mean, although a lot of them are her fake crying for attention.  She is laughing and smiling all the time now which is enough to just melt our hearts.  I don't ever want her to stop cuddling and I will continue to cherish the times when we I hold her close in my arms and she falls fast asleep.  Her sleeping was not doing so well for a couple of nights but we have gotten back on track and she gave us two nights in a row of peaceful all night long sleep!!  I'm hoping that we can make it three but we will see.

Her pictures were well worth the second try and in just a couple of months I will try again for her two month photos!!  Now that she is looking at things and really responding to people, maybe this time will be a little easier.

One Paper Towel, Some Water and a Gentle Face Wash Equals Instant Smiles!

Little Baby Ella has started to interact!

Posted by Pete
Baby Ella

So after an average feeding Ella always requires a bit of cleanup. A little spit up here and there. So a few nights ago I discovered a funny side effect while engaged in her typical after eating clean up. Ella gave me a slight smile and suddenly let out an audible cooing giggle. I was awestruck! If little Ella didn't already have me wrapped she does now!

We have recreated this act and recorded it for posterity. Please click here to watch the video and leave us a comment letting us know what you think of little Ella's bright smile!

Ella is on Shutterfly

Please Use The Contact Form to Request the Password.

Posted by Kristin

This has been another great week with little Ella.  She had her second night of sleeping all the way through and when she doesn't sleep all night, she usually only gets up once.  She has learned that night is for sleeping and we didn't even have to flip her!  We are still keeping busy during the day and she is still so good when we go out.  Some days she is tired and sleeps alot while others she just wants to stay up and see what is going on around her.

Yesterday was her five week appointment and she is doing wonderful.  She is now 10 pounds and the doctor said she is growing very well.  She had her first shot and did really good-she only cried for a second and then she was fine.  I also did okay from across the room.

Pictures were much better than last time and we managed to get a few cute ones.  We will pick them up next week and then we will be distributing them-I got talked into quite the picture package.  As for all the pictures that we have taken, they can now be viewed on Shutterfly.  It is impossible to post them all up on here so the rest of them will be at elladonner.shutterfly.com.  Please use the contact form and we will email you the password.  Anyone that is a member can be added to her page directly.

Everyone Needs a Place of His or Her Own!

Meryl Finds a Quiet Place.

Posted by Pete

Meryl has been called many things in his short time here on earth from huge to adorable. His most recent revelation serves to reinforce the later of the aforementioned terms. Always the resourceful little guy Meryl finds a place that he could feel comfortable would remain an Ella free zone.

Good work Meryl I promise we will not be putting little Ella in the towel closet anytime soon.