September 2009

Now That is An Honest Moment of Perfection.

What a lucky dad I am!

Posted by Pete
Baby Ella Eating Cereal

Life has gone and gotten extremely hectic. Everything from our family and friend commitments down to working obligations we seem to be in a permanent state of craziness. At times it seems like life will never slow down!

It's when life hands you a simple moment like the one captured in the picture atop this post that make all the sacrifice and exhaustion seem to pay off. You just cannot plan these moments. Hell Rockwell made a mint capturing the honesty and simplicity of the everyday wonders in life. What can I say these things just happen and all we can do is sit back and enjoy!

Another First!

Baby Ella Eats Her First Cereal from Peter Donner on Vimeo.

Every day brings new joy and more admiration and love for Ella.  She is learning so fast and it is amazing just how much she already knows.  She is really starting to understand things now and it is so adorable to watch her play with her toys.  She is also starting to understand cause and effect-when she sees a bottle, she knows it is time to eat and opens her mouth ready for her meal!!  Only problem is that she has become so nosy that she is so interested in what is going on around her she forgets that she is eating.  Last week she tried cereal for the first time.  She did really well and actually managed to even swallow some.  Every day she gets better and better at eating from spoon!!  She is still learning that she can't put the spoon and her hand in her mouth at the same time.

Another doctors appointment has gone by-she is 25 1/2 in long and weighs 15 pounds 4 ozs.  I can't believe that she has gained almost 7 pounds and 4 inches since she was born 4 months ago.  Another month of pictures done and the time just seems to tick away.  The holidays are nearly here and I can't wait to spend our first family Christmas together.  I will be posting this months pictures on at the end of the week so everyone can see just how grown up she is getting!!

It is Just About Monkey Time!

Ella is "The Space Ranger" in the Year 2009.

Posted by Pete
Ella Space Ranger


Ella has been using her spinning monkey seat for a little while now and its safe to say she loves it! Kristin and I have so much fun watching her struggle to try and reach the floor with her feet. Well, truth be told she has reached the floor but the watching is still lots of fun. I can’t imagine life without our little bundle of joy!

Growing like a Weed

Our Little Weed

I seems like just yesterday that I found out we were going to add to our family.  I can't believe that a whole year has already gone by since we found out that we were pregnant!!  A year sounds like such a long time but looking back, it went by in a blink.  Now I can't ever imagine our life without Ella.

She is growing like a weed and she seems to get bigger and bigger everyday.  She is now wearing 6-9 month clothes!!  It was like she woke up one morning and none of her 3 month stuff fit her anymore!!  She continues to be a very happy baby which we are both very thankful for.  She doesn't get to run as many errands with Mom as she did before but now she looks forward to playing with her "friends" at the babysitter everyday.  They definitely tire her out though-she has been going to bed at 8 and is quite happy to do so.  Ella has also started to "help" with her feeding and knows what's coming when she sees her bottle.  She has also discovered that she can grab and hold things with her hands and she loves to look at and play with her feet.  It is amaing to watch her play and discover new things.  She holds herself up really well and loves to stand up with Daddy.  The baby stage really did go by superfast-she is like a little person now and already has her own personality.  We just love her to pieces!  I can't wait to see what the coming weeks and months bring!

Blast From the Past!

Well Its Better Late Than Never?

Posted by Pete
Little Baby Ella

It's amazing just how much our little baby has changed over the last few months. I will admit that I love every single advancement she makes. So much so that I am already planning the trips in my head. From the museums and Disney World to the day trips to see what the pioneer valley has to offer. With all that being said it would be as true a lie as a lie can be if I were to pretend that seeing these pictures doesn't make me sad. Every one of these photos puts in to focus just how fleeting the baby stage is!

So as always thanks for taking the time to check out this post! Please enjoy the photos and send us a message if you have any questions.

Daddy Daycare.

Daddy Brings Ella to See Mom at Work!

Posted by Pete
Ella Carseat

Today was one of those days that help to add perspective to the days that can seem out of your control! Life has been moving so fast in our household for what feels like forever now. But today, today was different. It was great to have the chance to just spend some quality time with my little pumpkin Ella.

We did all of her favorite things. We got to play tallest tallin' in tall town, one girl air rock band and all of her classic favorites. Unfortunately we did hit one major bump in the road when a simple trip to our local Subway transformed itself into a nightmare complete with flaming onion chicken and a simple mustered bomb.  After surviving that pandemic we stopped into to see mom at work, which was a hoot. Little Ella was the catch of the day with everyone excited to see her in the flesh.

The Day ended pretty uneventfully with some quite time. I had planned a list of task I was going to try and get accomplished today; well nothing from the list was even attempted. In the end I think the list was easy to ignore when real priorities exposed themselves! Man bean we are the best couple, and Ella is just the perfect addition to what we have. I love you guys with all my heart!

Six and a Half Foot LEGO Woody Model!

At Long Last Buzz and Woody Together in Brick!

Posted by Pete
Wood and Buzz

This model turned out great from the intricate details to the whimsical pose! Erik, Steve, Chris, Paul, Mark and I worked our fingers to the bones to bring this model to life and it's a safe bet to say that this model turned out amazing!

We actually finished this model up a few weeks back but we had to wait until it hit the web before I could post it. Anyways, thanks for checking it out. Feel free to leave any comments, as usual they are appreciated.

Ella Has made it to The Creek!

You Can Lead a Baby to the Creek but you Can’t Make Her Drink?

Posted by Pete
Bugaboo Creek

It's no surprise to anyone who is in the know that I love Bugaboo Creek. It has been a sort of traditional celebration place for years. Well we have finally gotten the chance to expose Ella to all of the magic and wonder that the creek has to offer! From the talking moose to the creepy X-mass tree Ella has seen it all. I can't wait till she gets the chance to sample the Black Magic!

Quite the Week!!

Updated ... Now With Photos!

Posted by Kristin
Baby Ella

The past month has been quite eventful but thankfully things are finally starting to quiet down.  It all started off with Meryl chasing a bat through the hallway one night.  After that, we were advised to get Ella the rabies vaccine which is a series of five shots.  She did so well with them and just had her last one yesterday.  Finally, that is over with!!  This adventure led to her first sleepover at grandma's so at least something good came out of it!! 

Also, in the past month she has learned to roll over!!  She is very good at it now and does it all the time with very little effort.  We spent a few nights waking up to check on her every couple of hours though because since she has learned to roll over, she has decided that it is much more comfortable to sleep on her stomach.  She was baptised on August 23rd which was a wonderful day.  This was our last day together before I went back to work.  We both took her to the babysitter on the first day which was quite hard but it has gotten easier since then but I still miss spending my days with her.  She seems to be very happy there and the kids love her.  The babysitter tells us all the time what a joy she is to have there. 

Her three month pictures came out even better than last month.  I am already looking forward to this months. Now she is already 3 1/2 months old and we can't wait until she starts crawling.  Soon she will be trying cereal for the first time and before we know it, she will be turning 1!!  Hopefully we will have a calmer month so we can be sure to update more often.

Time Keeps Ticking Away!

As P-Butt Just Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger!

Posted by Pete
Little Ella Car Seat

These days time just seem to melt away. Our little girl just keeps getting older, bigger and more interactive every day. Many changes have taken place over the last few months most of which will be posted very soon.  Kristin and I have faced several out of the ordinary hurdles during the transition into parenthood. Including an emergency roof replacement and a weeklong visit from a baby bat.  But, if I were being honest I wouldn't trade in a thing. Sure the bat caused us to relocate to the grandparents house for a few weeks as well as scare the crap out of me not once or twice but three times. Its not the discomfort or the sleep deprivation that we will remember it's the humor that came in tow.

Kristin and I have little time to stop and reminisce about the little things, heck we haven't even been able to scrap together the time to updated the site. But even with Ella, work and the side projects we are doing well and can't wait to see what challenges life holds for the future.