October 2009

Ella Turns 5 Months Old!

The Milestones just keep on coming!

Posted by Pete
Ella Five Months

Many things change from month to month. When she first came home we had some serious growing pains. Late nights and early mornings seemed to be the new way of life. Thankfully each month brought about some changes to the schedule and for many months now it has been pretty good.

She has finally learned to roll from front to back, instead of just to her belly, gotten her first tooth, which is absolutely ridiculous and has developed the most beautiful laugh. A quick funny note she has been developing what we will call a reverse mullet. Her hair in the front keeps getting longer while the hair in the back continues to stay the same. I know you are going to kill me for saying that some day assuming kids know what a mullet is thirteen years from now.

Ella still puts the gleam in her parent's eyes. Sure from time to time she provides a random challenge like her return to spitting up (Kristin is stoked about this) and the occasional sleep schedule hiccup. With that said when you tally up the score Ella is one of the best babies ever born!

Vote for Ella in the Gap Casting Call

Nice Hat

I have entered Ella in the Gap casting call.  Of course she is the cutest baby yet!!  Here is the link to vote for her
http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/kristin10226881/305046053/#vote/305046053.  Thanks!

Ella's getting her first tooth

Ella Tries Out a New Hat

The last couples of nights have been rough.  Friday night Ella was up for most of the night feeling miserable.  She has all the symptoms of a cold and last night she had a little fever.  We are not sure if this is the result of a cold or the result of her getting her first tooth.  Maybe a little of both??  Her first tooth is definitely coming through and not only can it be seen, but you can feel it.  Hopefully this first one will be the worst.  We are hoping she will feel better today-she napped a little bit yesterday and slept in this morning but after Friday night she is in definite need of some catch up sleep.

Her happy spirit is still shining through during the day though and she still wakes up with a smile on her face.  We really can't ask for a better baby.  We can't wait until the tooth is all the way through so we can post up a picture.

Brick Beard and Yoda What a Lovely Pair

Two Events Back To Back

Posted by Pete
Brick Beard and Yoda

I have finally gotten to dig in and try my hand at the most recent incarnation of the Master Builder events. It was both a rewarding and tiring experience. I was given the update training from Mr. Building event himself Dan the man. Our journeys started in New York were we built the eight-foot pirate.

We arrived in town early and made the introductory rounds at the store. After we wrapped up the usual check in and such with the store we meet up with the mall staff to work out all the remaining details. After that it was full steam ahead with the event. For the most part the event was a success. I got to try my hand at my first give away and final big bang moment. 

This previous weekend I made my way to the west coast for the first time. The event took place in Sacramento CA and this time I was able to take more of a leading role. We built the eight-foot Yoda. This was a wholly different experience from the pirate event. The store staff was amazing and we had almost zero glitches. In fact we even managed to capture the event using a time-lapse camera.

Does That Baby Have Her Foot In Her Mouth?

Man She Is Cute As A Button!

Posted by Pete
Little Baby Ella

Here is another post of or little baby girl complete with new photos hot of the press. She is just the cutest little thing. We love our little baby girl.