December 2009

A Year Changes Everything

It really is hard to believe how much changes from year to year.  The past year has gone by so fast and everything is completely different now.  We found out 1 year ago yesterday that we were expecting a healthy little girl.  Last year we talked about her finally being here with us celebrating her first Christmas.  Now we are talking about how she will be running around here being a little monster at her next Christmas.  I wouldn't change anything and I am so excited for tomorrow!

Thankfully, Ella is feeling much better.  She isn't quite back to 100% but she is getting there.  Tuesday I had to pick her up early because she was sick.  The doctor confirmed that she has croup and there really isn't too much we can do except to let it run its course.  Keep her hydrated and let her breathe in steam from the shower.  She did get to take part in the xmas party at the babysitter though and came home with some great presents.  She also wrapped up her first art project for a wonderful present to us.

The next couple of days will be quite busy as we finish getting ready today.  I can't wait to see her reaction to everything tomorrow!

First Visit With Santa

Ella's new favorite guy

Posted by Pete
Ella and Santa

Everyone is busy this time of the year and it is scary how quickly Christmas is coming.  Saturday was a very busy day-Ella and I spent most of the day out shopping to try and finish up most of our Christmas shopping.  She had a great time and was so good.  She didn't miss a beat and helped pick out some wonderful gifts.  We were very productive and got alot done!  Then we met Daddy for lunch and after that we took a trip to the mall so Ella could meet Santa for the first time.  She was in awe of him, especially his long white beard but we finally got her to take her eyes off of him for a minute and look at the camera.  Another memory made with many more to come.  We are very excited for next week!

Our little Angel

Updated ... Now With Photos!

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Ella xmass tree

Christmas is certainly creeping up on us quickly-with just over 2 weeks to go, it hardly seems like there is enough time in a day.  The original plan was to get the decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving but like many others, the weekend melted away and another Monday arrived.  We did however, succeed in getting everything done this past weekend.  The tree is up, the garland is hung, Ella's first annual cards have been mailed and it is starting to feel a little more like Christmas.

In Ella news, one more tooth is peeking through and it will definitely be here within the next couple of days.  She is sitting up better and better for pretty good periods of time and I think her crawling days are getting very close-she nows gets up on all fours but only lasts a few seconds before she plops back on her tummy.  She loves Meryl more every day and lights up when he enters the room-he is starting to warm up, maybe by her first birthday he will be able to tolerate her!

Some New Photos of Baby Ella

She Seems to Change Everyday

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Big Smiles

Another day has come and gone. I cannot help feeling like as we get older time seems to speed up. Everyday day that passes the quicker the next day seems to come and go. Kristin and I feel that it's our duty to try and capture as many of the little moments of Ella's life that we can. Here's a small glimpse at our efforts.

Such an Eventful Week

Ella in a silly hat

The week of Ella's first Thanksgiving was quite eventful.  She suffered through another cold and her first ear infection.  She was a trooper but she was not herself at all and she felt horrible on Tuesday.  She did feel better for the holiday although she was a little more tired than usual and a little less nosy.  By Friday, she was almost back to her normal self so she did experience her first black friday.  She didn't brave the crowds at 5am but she did enjoy a breakfast out with us and a short trip to Kohls. 

Now we wait for Christmas!  We should be fully decorated by now but things are a little behind so that is what we will be doing this weekend.  I can't wait to see her reaction to the tree and all the lights.  The next month will fly by but it will surely be our best Christmas yet!

What a Pretty Little Baby Girl!

Ella’s first Winter is Getting off To a Slow Start

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Our Little Bundle Of Joy

Our little bundle of joy sits ready in wait for the first snowflakes to fall from the heavens. We have been blessed so far with an extremely mild winter. That is until today. We finally have had the weather to warrant pulling out Ella's adorable winter cap and coat. Unfortunately no snow, but that can't take away from the cuteness of Ella in her little winter get up.