March 2010

Such A Big Girl

We all survived Ella's first sleepover

Posted by Kristin

Ella celebrated her 10 month birthday on Thursday!  She is such a big girl!  She seems to learn something new every day and never ceases to amaze us.  She has already mastered pulling herself up and is now cruising all over the house.  She is very curious and is exploring everything.  She has even stood alone a couple of times but once she realizes that she isn't holding on to anything she falls but she is doing great.  She continues to try new foods but she is getting a little on the picky side.  She loves anything sweet though and string cheese is her favorite snack.  Both bottom molars are just about through and the top ones are trying.  I think she also has a couple more that are starting to make their way in.  She has been drooling like crazy so they should be arriving any day. 

It is so funny to listen to her talking and her babble is starting to sound like real words here and there.  She is also telling us what she wants now by pointing and chattering.  Ella also had her very first sleepover this weekend.  She spent Friday night at Grandma's and was such a good girl.  She did great and had a very busy Saturday. She is growing like a weed and it is nearly time to start planning her first birthday.  We just can't believe what a little person she has become!

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9 Months Old

What a Butt of Pee

Ella celebrated her 9 month birthday this week!  She weighed in at 19.10 pounds and 30 in long at her check up.  No shots this time but they had to take 2 viles of blood to do a lead test though-I think taking blood is worse than shots.  She is quickly losing her "baby" characteristics and becoming a little girl.  She pulled herself up for the first time yesterday and she will soon be toddling all over the place.  She has long mastered crawling and she is a terror already!  But her mischief is worth it especially when she is laughing at something she did or something we did.

She chatters away and I can't help but wonder just what she is thinking and saying.  She now has 8 teeth-4 on top and 4 on the bottom and she has also mastered the art of chewing and has been trying all kinds of new foods.  She is not a fan of chunky baby food but she is doing pretty good on regular food-she loves toast and eggs and is also a fan of pancakes.  So far, she has eaten pretty much every non baby food she is given except for potatos which she seems to hate.  We are so looking forward to the nice weather and the summer days-we can't wait to take her to the beach, the zoo, the aquariam.  This summer will be even more fun than last summer!!  Hopefully it comes soon!