Brick Beard and Yoda What a Lovely Pair

Two Events Back To Back

Posted by Pete
Brick Beard and Yoda

I have finally gotten to dig in and try my hand at the most recent incarnation of the Master Builder events. It was both a rewarding and tiring experience. I was given the update training from Mr. Building event himself Dan the man. Our journeys started in New York were we built the eight-foot pirate.

We arrived in town early and made the introductory rounds at the store. After we wrapped up the usual check in and such with the store we meet up with the mall staff to work out all the remaining details. After that it was full steam ahead with the event. For the most part the event was a success. I got to try my hand at my first give away and final big bang moment. 

This previous weekend I made my way to the west coast for the first time. The event took place in Sacramento CA and this time I was able to take more of a leading role. We built the eight-foot Yoda. This was a wholly different experience from the pirate event. The store staff was amazing and we had almost zero glitches. In fact we even managed to capture the event using a time-lapse camera.

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