Christmas is on its Way!

Ella is so excited about her 1st Christmas!

Posted by Pete
Ella Sleeping

The holiday season is officially upon us!  Last week Ella made her first trip to the outlets-something myself and Mom do every year around this time.  This is when I normally start my Christmas shopping and this year was no different.  She was SO good and just loved looking at everything and being adorable.  She also enjoyed listening to the next table's conversation during lunch.

Ella will celebrate her first Thanksgiving next week and she is even more excited about her first Christmas.  She officially has two teeth now and we are thinking that another one is trying to make its way through but we aren't positive yet because we can't see or feel anything.  She is sitting up for a couple minutes and she can go longer if she is trying to get something or if she is playing.  She has also been practicing her "swimming" and I don't think it will be too long before she is crawling all over the place chasing Meryl all over the house.

She had her first official photo shoot in her dad's office and she is very excited about her first xmas cards!  Meryl didn't quite cooperate-maybe next year.  This week will be busy as always and Pete will be spending the end of the week in Mexico. 

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