Ella Turns 5 Months Old!

The Milestones just keep on coming!

Posted by Pete
Ella Five Months

Many things change from month to month. When she first came home we had some serious growing pains. Late nights and early mornings seemed to be the new way of life. Thankfully each month brought about some changes to the schedule and for many months now it has been pretty good.

She has finally learned to roll from front to back, instead of just to her belly, gotten her first tooth, which is absolutely ridiculous and has developed the most beautiful laugh. A quick funny note she has been developing what we will call a reverse mullet. Her hair in the front keeps getting longer while the hair in the back continues to stay the same. I know you are going to kill me for saying that some day assuming kids know what a mullet is thirteen years from now.

Ella still puts the gleam in her parent's eyes. Sure from time to time she provides a random challenge like her return to spitting up (Kristin is stoked about this) and the occasional sleep schedule hiccup. With that said when you tally up the score Ella is one of the best babies ever born!

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