Ella's Officially Crawling

Time is really flying by

Posted by Pete

Ella Crawl and Playing Timelapse from Peter on Vimeo.

The last few weeks have been crazy and I really can't believe just how fast they have gone by.  The holidays have come and gone and now we start a brand new year.  Ella had SO much fun on her first Christmas-she loved opening all of her presents and was so excited with what she got, she didn't want to put it down to see what else there was.  Of course, she did take some time out to play with all the paper and gift bags.  She was her normal fun and happy self througout the holidays even though she had another cold and a crouping cough.  She really wasn't sick on Christmas-the worst of it was at the beginning of the week.  It did however turn into another ear infection and little did we know that would be a whole new problem in itself. 

The Sunday after New Years we noticed that she had several little dots all over her body.  I thought nothing of it in the morning but by early afternoon, Pete noticed that there were more of them.  By nighttime, there was alot.  I was quite worried that she had chicken pox but had no idea where she would have gotten it from.  The doctor's office just suggested giving her some benedryl and bringing her in if she got worse.  The following morning when I went in to get her up I was relieved that she didn't have any more dots then she did the night before.  Then she looked up at me and I saw the scariest and saddest thing that we have seen yet.  Her whole entire face was swollen and welty and one of her eyes was so bad she could barely even open it at all.  She enjoyed a peaceful morning at home with Daddy and we made a doctor's appointment first thing.  She wasn't acting sick at all, so that was a good sign.  It definitely wasn't chicken pox and the doctor said she is allergic to the amoxicillan.  After a couple of days, her swelling went down and she was back to normal.

This weekend was more more exciting and only brought fun news!  For the past few weeks, she has been gearing up to crawl-she has been rocking on all fours and getting quite good at it.  Yesterday morning after her bottle, I put her on the floor.  Meryl was sitting in her doorway watching like he often does and that was enough motivation for Ella.  After a couple of seconds she was crawling away trying to get him!!  It was very cute and she got very good at it very fast!  She is now mobile!!  And for the second time in his life, Meryl doesn't know what he is in for. 

We will hopefully be better at posting in 2010 even though it has started out a little slow.  I can't wait to see all that this year brings.  Our little bundle isn't so little anymore-she is growing up so fast. 

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