Finally, An Update

Things are getting crazier by the day...

Posted by Kristin

Even in this last month she has grown up so much.  Ella has taken her first steps and is quickly mastering walking.  It seems like she was just pulling herself up for the first time.  Now she is cruising along the furniture and walking like a pro.  She walks a little bit farther every day and I fear by her birthday she will be running wild!

Her top two molars are through so that gives her a total of 12 teeth!  She is still a little of a picky eater but she is getting better-she loves most fruits and has become quite a fan of carrots.  She is also starting to speak and her first real word other than dada is officially "dat".  Everything is dat and she loves to talk!!  It is so hard to believe that she will be 1 in less than a month. 

Last month was Ella's first Easter and she was so good although the day really tired her out.  We started out with a delicious brunch and then she got to participate in her very first easter egg hunt!  By the end of the day she was exhausted but refused to fall asleep until she knew that nothing else was going on. 

I think that is everything for now and we promise to try and update more often.  We will soon be posting up a video of some of her first steps and pictures of her first birthday party will be coming soon as well.

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