Now there are two!

Ella officially has two teeth!

Posted by Kristin
Ella officially has two teeth

Ella officially has two teeth now and she is very happy that the second one has finally come through.  She had a few grumpy days while it made its way out but now she is back to her normal cheerful self.  A few more foods has been introduced and she is a fan of both!  Unfortunately, carrots are a bit messy but she loves them so we are hoping that this spitting up subsides very soon.  Applesauce and is also a new favorite so at least now she can have a little variety.

She has been practicing sitting up alot lately and is getting very good at it.  She can sit for a minute or two by herself and then she falls over.  Since she is getting so good at it, we decided to give her a try at sitting in a shopping cart carseat free.  She did ok by needed a little assistance to help her from tipping over.  I think we will give it a couple more weeks before we try it again. 

She did wonderfully in the stroller though and loved being able to see everything.  Wednesday she will make her first trip to the outlets in Lee to start off our Christmas shopping.  Hopefully the day will be as nice and as warm but we will be thankful for a rain free day.  Then just two more weeks and Thanksgiving is here-and this begins the countdown to Ella's first Christmas!

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