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Posted by Pete
Ella xmass tree

Christmas is certainly creeping up on us quickly-with just over 2 weeks to go, it hardly seems like there is enough time in a day.  The original plan was to get the decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving but like many others, the weekend melted away and another Monday arrived.  We did however, succeed in getting everything done this past weekend.  The tree is up, the garland is hung, Ella's first annual cards have been mailed and it is starting to feel a little more like Christmas.

In Ella news, one more tooth is peeking through and it will definitely be here within the next couple of days.  She is sitting up better and better for pretty good periods of time and I think her crawling days are getting very close-she nows gets up on all fours but only lasts a few seconds before she plops back on her tummy.  She loves Meryl more every day and lights up when he enters the room-he is starting to warm up, maybe by her first birthday he will be able to tolerate her!

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