Growing like a Weed

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Our Little Weed

I wake up everyday looking forward to seeing her smiling face. I love to listen to her laugh and talk away. She is such a joy and she never allows for a dull moment!

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Blast From the Past!

Well Its Better Late Than Never?

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Little Baby Ella

After digging through some of our older photos I came across these gems and realized that they never made it on to the site! So next thing you know I put them up for everyone to see.

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Daddy Daycare.

Daddy Brings Ella to See Mom at Work!

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Ella Carseat

Today I was blessed with opportunity to spend the day with little baby Ella! We certainly had some good times. Not to brag but I thinks she would most definitely place in the Norwegian air guitar annual competition. We also managed to make some time to stop in with a nice lunch for mom!

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