Christmas is on its Way!

Ella is so excited about her 1st Christmas!

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Ella Sleeping

It's so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is a just over a week away. Next week is also Ella's six month birthday!! So hard to believe that last year at this time she was the size of a lime.

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The Littlest Bean Makes it Through Year 1

Plenty New Things Planed for Year 2

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One Year Down

So its hard to believe but October was the twelfth month that The Littlest Bean has been up and running. Sure we have had some growing pains and the posts have been kind of sporadic, but I guess having a baby can keep you busy.

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Now there are two!

Ella officially has two teeth!

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Ella officially has two teeth

Ella officially has two teeth now and she is very happy that the second one has finally come through.  She had a few grumpy days while it made its way out but now she is back to her normal cheerful self.

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