Now That is An Honest Moment of Perfection.

What a lucky dad I am!

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Baby Ella Eating Cereal

Our little girl is growing up so quick! She has been eating cereal for a little over a week and she seems to like it. Well what she can get in her mouth she seems to like.

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Another First!

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Baby Ella Eats Her First Cereal from Peter Donner on Vimeo.

The third night she tried her cereal, I think it was a little thick-she made a face that was absolutely priceless!! I only wish that we were prepared with the camera!!

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It is Just About Monkey Time!

Ella is "The Space Ranger" in the Year 2009.

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Ella Space Ranger

Ella loves here monkey seat. She has the most fun trying to stretch her legs out to reach the floor below.

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